Human Trafficking in the United States

 - Disintegrating the American Family -

Breaking Up American Families for Profit:

State, County, Courts, Lawyers, Enforcement, Adoption Agencies and related multi-billion dollar welfare industrial complex, are all stealing children for profits. This is done on a national scale from coast to coast by denying children and parents their human and constitutional liberty right to parent their children in order to enrich the courts, county and state agencies.

Video Brief with Evidence by Doctor Beverly Tran

Video Short with Interviews: Alan Lebow - forward by Kent Wilcox

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Introduction to Beverly Tran, Ph'd.


Beverly Tran, An Original Source, is a policy analyst and the first to inject empirical analysis into political discussions of the Child Welfare System.  As the nation's leading expert in Child Welfare Policy, she has dedicated her life to bring accountability and transparency to the System, for it does not exist. She recognizes that this must be done as a concerted effort with our nation's leadership because the magnitude of revenue-maximizing schemes is pervasively pernicious, especially in Michigan.

The Family Court in the United States has a code of secrecy and budgets that are not disclosed to the public (according to whistle blower Carol Rhodes). Contrary to their public stated mission, they take children from their parents and profit by removing them. They do nothing to keep families intact. They turn a civil matter into a criminal matter and put a parent in jail, remove their drivers license, and give them a felony for not being able to meet the family court's indentured servitude imposed fines, imputed child support. They conceal their activities right in front of the public and hide their activities by concealing their actions under the court actions labeled "Contempt of Court" which prevent the public from tracking their abuse of civil and human rights of the children and one of two pair-ents.  This is not about "father's rights": this is about human rights and the children's rights to have two parents without government interference and profiting. Hiding the court actions in the "contempt of court" label and imputing wages create indentured servitude for a parent that violates civil, human and 13th amendment rights.


UEN's investigative reporting goes to the heart of the matter. We have documents which show their incentives and lay bare how the welfare repayment structure has created and grown the single moms and dead beat dad enterprise.


It's real Mission is to enrich and support the operation: an industrial scale enterprise that routinely denies parents their civil and human rights to parent their children. In return the county, state and enforcement operations grow.


Rather that give a family $300 a month to have health insurance for their children, the enforcement arm Child Protective Services, will remove the child from their family under the laws (see Bev Tran Interview).


This act of taking a child from their parents does open up to $200,000 in state and federal funding per child per year for agencies and makes them very partial sake holder vs a neutral party.


The content in the Father's Life Saver series deals with attorney's who do not defend their clients, (typically the male parent) and bow to not angering Judges rather that protect the children and their client parent.


The court hides its activity which is  creating an Indentured service of one parent by denying due process, equal treatment and gaining huge profits.


Whistle-blower Carol Rhodes testifies that there is a code of secrecy there. The rewards are  massive for putting a parent into indentured servitude and restricting parent-child contact for one parent.


On the court records it has a nonspecific label which turns a civil matter into a criminal matter. In the name of the child

s best interests", a parent can stripped of the drivers license, put in jail for up to 6 months and given a felony if they can not meet court imposed and imputed wages. Note: there is no purjury in Family Court. There is no consequence for lying. Can you imagine?


The bottom of this is welfare repayments and a mega enterprise operations which is out of control, working to take children from families, profit by adoptions which earn up to $35,000 per child. In many cases giving the family $300 per month for medical coverage would keep the family intact. The Child Protective Service and Family Court have no incentive to keep families intact and every incentive to take the children into custody.


Judges are out of control, with no watch dogs that have any ability to control the practices. Also thousands of employees, as well as revenue the builds, jails, maintains the court houses, pays judges and get direct funds out of social security are a national disgrace. This enterprise operates in public view. Like the corruption in the Chicago Police Department and other police / law enforcement entities, this is a story which affects 1 out of every 6 people in Michigan and millions in the United States of America. It is leaving a trail of children denied both parents, denial on human and constitutional rights for the child and abused parent who become indentured servants to the country/state  and get the short end of the stick.


The root of all this is the Uniform Child Custody Act and no fault divorce laws passed in the early 1970s. In essence this is all about welfare repayments and a national enterprise industry based on denying children a parent until the child turns 18 years old and ages out of the "chattel" based system or worse, on taking the child from the parents and profiting directly or indirectly through adoptions and other "right in front of our eyes" processes.


In short it is systematic denial of human and constitutional rights for the children, the parent made into an uncle (non-custodial titled parent) and profits the lawyers, judges, county and states vis a vis the welfare repayment system and secret abuse of one of the parents. The Best Interest of the Child sounds good but the reality is routinely anything but that. Consider what it does for a parent to be taking into court and put in jail for a civil matter? Accomplished by hiding the cause and turning it into a Contempt of Court issues. Where abuse by the courts and systematic and cultural denial of human and constitutional rights is a daily event. Sadly - you wont take this seriously until it happens to you, or one of your children or a good friends. You wont believe the facts because this enterprise is so profitable that the Family Court keeps their incentives a secret. Ask former Family Court award wining employee Carol Rhodes or check our her book "Friend of the Court - Enemy of the Family". It is truly and American Disgrace and out in the open, taking place right before our eyes. The best place to hide a secret is right out in the open.

-Editor UEF



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