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Student and volunteer productions bring you programs you won't find anywhere else. Student productions will be contributing more fascinating topics and content for your enjoyment. One From the Heart invites students to cover topics and people that make a difference. From Rolling Thunder to the passion of Dr John Hartig these individuals followed their heart and passion and changed the world. You can too.

Interesting Stories, Interviews and Documentaries by Category

Ecology basic perspectives & context


Biodiversity and Extinction:

  • Video - Dr. Stribley covers the connections between health, extinction and virulence pathogens.





J Curves, Energy and Population Context - Based on Prof. Harry O. Walker's work.

  • 4 Videos: J Curve and Paper Doubling, Population & Energy Perspective.
  • 4 Audios: audio only of above videos.
  • PDF Down loadable on Paper Doubling





Fish Hatchery Secrets and Facts

Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery breeds millions of fish for the Great Lakes.

  • Walleye, Muskellunge, Tiger Musky









E.P.A. Great Lakes Sediment Remediation


Wildlife Rescue & Refuge Building


North America's Greatest Ecological Recovery Story -

Detroit River's International Wildlife Refuge

  • UEF's Model for Students to organize to create 6 new wildlife refuge areas to protect species.
  • Videos: Dr. John Hartig on creating the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge: USA Canada.
  • Major Migratory Path for thousands of birds and species.

War & Peace


4 Star Admiral Pete Galantin:

Key person in the military industrial complex.

  • He helped develop the Polaris sea launched nuclear missile.
  • Admiral asks whether congress is greedy or bowing to economic pressure for not coming up with an US energy policy.






Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant

Yesterday and Today: the cover up and more.

Audio - Interview with activist arrested for laying on the Rail Road tracks as civil disobedience to block weapons trains.



Book: Friend of the Court  Enemy of the Family - Valuable insights into the Family Court operations. Author Carol Rhodes

Civil Rights

- Child Support & Custody


Friend of the Court Enemy of the People:

  • Audio - Author Carol Rhodes reads "most important" chapter 13 Q&A.
  • Free Download of the Entire Book Compliments of Author Carol Rhodes.






Kent Wilcox - Civil Rights & Child Custody -


  • Video: Manage your Attorney & Case Training Video Series
  • 2 Free PDF Downloads: (1) Attorney Statement List & (2) Attorney Questionnaire.





Stephan Baskerville  - Civil Rights, Children and Family Court.

Video - The New Politics of Sex: commentary







Michigan Rep. Jim Runestad Canton Townhall:

  • Video - His Research on Michigan Family Court - Plus a Reform Proposal






The Largest Medicaid fraud case in Michigan history.

Profiteering off trafficking children and child abuse.

2 Videos: Brief and Full Report




Lansing, Michigan: On the steps of the capital 2006.

Program introduction was written by Kent S. Wilcox.

  • Peoples Rally for Equal Parenting:
  • Kimberly Streett, Atny. Phil Holeman, Alan Z. Lebow & more.

A Day with Cherokee Medicine Man Rolling Thunder. Humanitarian, healer and he has a valuable message for you. Part one of three.

Grandma Twylah Nitsch. Seneca Wolf Clan Historian. A woman with great compassion. Hear the wolf clan stories and about Seneca society.

The Greatest Under-covered Environmental Ecology Story in U.S History! Detroit River's International Wildlife Refuge. Dr. John Hartig.

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