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 The Mist Wolf By Stephan A. Schwartz

Audio Read of "The Mist Wolf" about Rolling Thunder

A Day with Rolling Thunder at Meta Tantay Pt. 1

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Rolling Thunder in person at Meta Tantay. Directed by RT.

On the cover of the February 1979 “Greenpeace Chronicles” stood Rolling Thunder (RT); the “Desert Warrior.” With his profound understanding of Mother Nature and “this universe we live on,” he performed inexplicable healings in font of medical doctors. He gained international fame associating with famous artists and celebrities of that time.  His message; stop the destruction of nature and  respect for all life, nationalities and religions. RT told us to begin with human rights in our own country. UEF began with the indigenous Hopi Indians and Black Mesa.


A Day with Rolling Thunder is a three part documentary. Hear RT with no filters. A Day with Rolling Thunder was shot at Meta Tantay in Carlin, Nevada. RT directed it. UEF produced it. RT couldn't travel to present in London, England at the World Symposium on Humanities in 1979. This video contains his message to the world.


  • Born John Walter Pope on September 10, 1916 in Stamps, Arkansas, US


  • Died January 23, 1997 (aged 80) Elko, Nevada, US


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Cherokee Inter-Tribal Medicine Man: Rolling Thunder - UEF Advisor & Human Rights Advocate

#1 - A Moment with Rolling Thunder  No Shortage of Anything But Human Understanding

#2 - A Moment with Rolling Thunder  War Dance, Failure, Victory & Peace

#3 - A Moment with Rolling Thunder  RT's Global Peace Message

#8 - A Moment with Rolling Thunder  Every Thought and Word is a Prayer

#23 - A Moment with Rolling Thunder  Respect for Nature

Rolling Thunder Peace Initiative: Coming soon to help establish a student focus for spreading peace and goodwill internationally.


Admiral Pete Galantin urged UEF to initiate a "good will abroad through students" initiative.


These two ideas combine to offer students a path towards fostering Peace and Goodwill to change the world.

Rolling Thunder wrote this material himself. Copies of it on-line have sections and content omitted which are in this posting. Content like the number of broken treaties by the U.S. Government to the Native Americans.


  1. TeePee Code - PDF
  2. Church of the Great Spirit - PDF
  3. Ceremony to Grandmother Moon - PDF

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Mother Earth News.

RT's Article in PlowBoy here: PDF Available


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