Kick Out the Jams

The MC5  LIVE on stage at Detroit's Grande Ballroom and Village Pub!

Lead MC5 Story with MC5 Drummer Dennis Thompson

NEW "MC5 Secrets" Interview

 "MC5 Secrets" Interview

Kickin' Out the Jams

- the Untold Back Story with Secrets

New Machine Gun Thompson Circa 2019 Run Time 15:01

MC5 Live!

Kick Out the Jams Concert Series - the MC5

Historical Detroit Rock and Roll Audio Documentary by UEF

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The MC5 in Ten

by Machine Gun Thompson Run Time 12:04

UEF interviewed Machine Gun Thompson Circa 2000

The MC5 on Fame, Fortune and Glory! John Lennon,

John Sinclair, the Cover of the Rolling Stones & Survivors.

MC5 Drummer Dennis Machine Gun Thompson. Run Time 4:26

theLegendary MC5 Word to Young Musicians

 Run Time 4:25

theLegendary MC5 LIVE!

Border Line & Walking the Edge of The Razor Run Time 3:20


theLegendary MC5 LIVE!

Born Under a Bad Sign Run Time 4:03

(Rob says it is their "theme song")

Machine Gun on the MC5's Musical Influences

Bonus: Machine Gun's Favorite Drummers!

theLegendary MC5 LIVE!

Tutti Frutti Run Time 4:20

On 36 Studio Takes with John Landau

When I was about 15 years old, I met the MC5 at a gig at the Crows Nest on Harper Avenue, in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. I really loved their sound and wanted to be a recording engineer. So I asked them if i could record them and they agreed. This was before they became the house band for the Grande Ballroom in Detroit.


I have some very early recording of their song "Kick Out the Jams" before they used the Kick Out start up phrase. "We have a new song we want to play for you called "Kick out the Jams" is what Rob Tyner says on the recording, before the band kicks in to the tune.


I was very lucky to get to know these guys over a couple years time frame. They even played at Royal Oak Kimball High School where i ran the lights and sound as an (Audio Video) AV geek. I set up for them to play in the cafeteria for the gig. That was the time I remember Dennis Thompson playing Jimmy Hendrix's tune "Manic Depression" on drums. WOW! could Dennis play drums!


So, i own the largest and most chronological audio library of the MC5's songs. My recordings have been bootlegged without adding credits for my recording them. This material is no bootleg. I made all the recording with the bands permission. I made them with my own gear, set up the microphones to record each instrument without interfering with the stage performance. Then I was a part of the actual performance by mixing it live on the fly. That makes me part author of the recordings. I had a multi channel audio mixer and micro-phoned the stage strategically and during the performance would drive the different levels between the mixer channel and a feed from the Public Announcement system (the P.A.) based on what the performers were doing; taking into account leads and solos and vocals to get the sound balanced "right". I was glued to the head phones and - as i think you will agree - got some great results of the live performances.


If you listen to the UEF video "John Sinclair - the MC 6th" you will hear John talk about getting the recordings for the band to listen to. Back then my recordings were the only way for the MC5 (and the other bands) to hear what they sounded like. After one of the gigs, i took the master tape to WABX in the Penobscot Building in Detroit, and played the MC5 concert live on the air, across Detroit, for the rock fans to hear.


The MC5 Unitarian Church Concert was also my record engineering work and released by at least one bootleg that i know of. The MC5 were unique - powerful and one of the best bands in the world.


As a drummer, I have played in the USA and Europe. I got to work with Graham Bond with Island Records in London, England. The Graham Bond Organization (band) is where Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker played before they became the Cream band. I have been witness to many bands and talent: but the MC5 have never been equaled. Their chemistry and music were powerful, moving and these recordings capture a bit of their spirit for you to her now, 50 years later, to witness their world class performances.


If you love these concerts, it would be great if you could support United Earth Fund to kick out some more jams and advance our life supporting initiatives.


I know you will enjoy these world class concerts. They are also a snippet of a time where music was coming out that was highly creative and just past the 50's rock and roll era. This was just post the Beatles invasion of American music. The Motor City was a hot bed for talent; these recording are the proof.



-Al Licari


Historic content produced with the bands permission, by Allen Licari - recording engineer of the Live recordings, and digital re-mastering producer.



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