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The James Gang Live

at Detroit's Grande Ballroom!

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James Gang Live!

James Gang with Joe Walsh is a world class concert that I recorded LIVE on stage at the Grande Ballroom and the Village Pub with the bands permission in 1969.


The band was named after their drummer Jim Fox. It was James Fox's "gang". It reminds me of drummer Mick Fleetwood. He said that he started Fleetwood Mac so he could have a band to play with -- drummers seem to be the instigators that start up many bands.


James Gang was once a 5 piece group but at the Grande and Village Pub gig, it was a trio... Joe told me that they other band members were lost in a car accident. However it is written in a review that the other guys just decided to quit. I think the trio was an improvement over the larger group.


Joe and James Gang really  "kicked them out" at the Grande Ballroom just one week before their first recording session in New York for Yer' Album.


Bluebird LIVE versus the Bluebird track on the Yer' Album:

Be sure to listen to the opening to Bluebird that didn't make the Yer' Album. Joe really has a great guitar solo that leads into the song that has never been heard prior to this release. The Yer' Album had a different opening to it, with only a few notes from what Joe played on stage at the Grande. Joe ROCKS!




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Bluebird Intro by Joe: Never Before Heard!

Joe's Original Bluebird's introduction Live at the

Grande Ballroom that is not on Yer' Album!

Both intro versions: 1st Y'er Album: 2nd Live Grande Ballroom Version

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