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Hopi, Energy & Human Rights.

Sovereignty, human rights, energy and HOPI. The Black Mesa Strip Mine.


  • Pictures: strip mine tour.
  • Audio: Sovereignty - John S. Boyden audio

Civil Rights

Michigan family Court Context


  • Human Trafficking vis a via Friend of the Court in Michigan.

Friend of the Court Enemy of the Family and audio "Q & A"

By author Carol Rhodes.

Shared by United Earth Fun with authors permission.


Check out the audio read of chapter 13 Q&A

Free PDF Book Download!

Life Saver for Child Custody Issues:

Kent Wilcox is the drafter of Child Custody Factor J.

He is the most knowledgeable individual in in this field, He understands government and the operations of the family court. This info can be a shock. If you are in a child custody dispute -- you owe it to yourself to check these content out. Consider the source. Priceless, informative in four video parts.

 Michigan's Largest Medicaid fraud case. Whistle blower - Bev Tran. Profiteering, children and child abuse. This affects your Civil Rights and Human Rights of both children and parents.   How easily the government can make your children wards of the court.

Michigan Rally for Equal Parenting:

speakers with interesting facts.


  • Video: Program introduction was written by Kent S. Wilcox.


Interviews and Speakers.

Four Star Admiral Galantin:

A submarine commander and developer of the Polaris missile with a nuclear payload... an amazing person: Admiral I. "Pete" Galantin. The Military Industrial Complex key director for the project.


  • Audio interview.

Rocky Flats - Nuclear Weapons Plant - Yesterday & Today?

Burning plutonium up a smoke stack to deal with disposal? What Happened. Aim to update to a current status.


Are you in the Rocky Flats area? UEF would like to update community news regarding Rocky Flats. Contact UEF if you wish to contribute to updating this report.


  • Audio: Interview with one of the civil disobedient protesters at Rocky Flats.

Civil Rights, Child Custody & Child Support


Michigan and other state's family Court Operations context


  • Human Trafficking vis a via Friend of the Court in Michigan.

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