Public Awareness Presentation on Jim Runestad's 2017 Michigan Family Court Reform Proposal

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Family Law Town-hall Meeting in Canton, Michigan on August 22, 2017


Jim Runestad's Family Court Reform Proposal Canton Michigan TownHall 08.22.2017.


Jim Runestad's presentation examines the current status of child custody outcomes and processes regarding Michigan Family Courts. This research is the basis for the new Family Court reform proposal that took 2 years to create. These are Child Custody Laws not touched for 50 years.


At the TownHall meeting there were two segments: First was Mr. Runestad's PowerPoint presentation. Second there was an open mic questions with the audience.


This video only covers the Jim Runestad's PowerPoint presentation and not the Townhall participants Q&A segment.


  -  Are the Family Courts in Michigan counties fair?

   - Do they all issue the same amount or percentages of custody for mother vs the father?

   - How do they vary from county to county?

    -What does this mean to a parent in a custody dispute?



Michigan parents, and all family oriented people:

You need to understand the current laws that directly affect custody of your children in a divorce or custody issue. These proposals will set the laws.


The proposal's aim is to reform and improve the 50 year old, antiquated and highly destructive outcomes arising from current child custody laws and Family Court practices.


These laws affect your children and your children's children. They also affect the revenue streams of Lawyers and Family Court (Plus State and Country revenues including the Child Protective Services and related foster agencies.)


Stay informed and participate in helping to make the process equitable and fair for the children and both parents.


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