Emergency Beaver Rescue: Telluride Colorado

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MAPS: Mutual Aid Projects

A Real Story About Beaver Passion

Rocky Mountain Beaver Rescue. Five Telluride, Colorado citizens fight to protect indigenous wildlife endangered by humans.   Run Time 26:16

Emergency Wildlife Rescue Network:   Now Forming!


Calling all Students who love animals to join in and help us connect up this Rescue Network.


Our Mission is to support and protect endangered species.

One in six are endanger of extinction in 2015.


YOU can make a difference by helping us to organize or to join in helping to protect  your favorite species.

Telluride Beaver Rescue Patrol


Brought to you by the Folks at UEF's Student Chapter

at Washtenaw Community College


the Beaver Lovin' Citizens of Telluride, Colorado


Remember: Only YOU Can Make A Difference!

MAP: Emergency Beaver

Rescue Initiative

(One of the many species we will help)


50% of our Earth's species are in immediate danger of extinction.

We have the power to stop the destruction of nature if you help now.


UEF invites you to Join in, Make New Friends, and Have FUN Making a Difference.


Help Us to Support LIFE as the highest value on Earth.



Mountain Beaver Rescue is a real story of people with a passion to save life and rescue the Beaver Community threatened by dynamite and destruction by a local housing development.


GO BEAVERS! and YEAH HUMANS whose Passion & Initiative saved Beaver LIVES!


Join us in rescuing endangered species and preserving habitat for future generations.  Our children and our children's children deserve to have lions and tigers and bears.


Rolling Thunder's message: Respect for LIFE


Go Beavers! and

Yea for "Beaver Rescue" Humans!


We ask you: (Use Responder Below.)

  • Are there Beaver Communities in your area?
  • Are your Beavers in danger?
  • What is the condition of the Beavers in your community?


Learn how you can help us preserve Beaver habitats and homes.


Register your Beavers with UEF and work with us to involve student power to sustain their existence in your area or region.

Learn from the Passionate Beaver Rescuers that came before you!


Whether you are saving a Beaver, or helping to preserve the Midwest's Song Bird population YOU can make a Difference!


In our own Michigan back yards and forests song birds are in danger.


  • (Michigan song birds who migrate to South America every Winter  to  non-existent Amazon Rain Forests. They are in danger of extinction now.)


PARTIcipation Options - UEF Blueprint for Action:

Check out the Michigan Bluebirds organization to help tend nesting boxes.




Help Stop the Destruction of Mother Nature

Recommended Viewing:

Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore

The ABC's of Global Health presenting climate facts that we need to know to save endangered species and preserve the human food chain.


United Earth Fund  Watershed Cleanup

and Storm Sewer Stenciling Initiatives

UEF Initiates and Supports Public and School Cleanup Initiatives

United Earth Fund sponsored and organized watershed clean ups. this one in Glastonbury, Connecticut is one example from a storm sewer marker.

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