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Environotice is:

• Student-sourced

• Peer-curated

• Globally-distributed

Listen about EnviroNotice:

We are building an exciting destination for people to locate and keep up to date on their interests in Ecology, Environment & Human Rights. Being able to find what you are looking for in Environment, Ecology and Human Rights in one place is unprecedented. It Is a central place where anyone can find and explore their passion to make a difference. EnviroNotice is a student initiative that creates a sustainable research organization to publish, maintain and update our central calendar on the World Wide Web. The calendar contains a comprehensive index of events, issues and activities of all existing ecology, environmental and human rights groups.


EnviroNotice energizes the groups themselves by centralizing their information to be easily found by students and individuals who want to join in to explore their passion to make a difference.


UEF Chapter structure creates a sustainable student organization to publish EnviroNotice into the future for the benefit of all. Find what you want easily by topic or area; from fracking to water shed clean ups, from nuclear to nature – you will find it here. The Human Rights Calendar Index follows the same process.

EnviroNotice is about the health of the environment and to help you contribute your efforts in your interest areas.  We facilitate people  with a passion for environmental health in topic areas, and link them together, so they can report to each other to keep up to date in their interest areas.  It will be a place where you can come and read and learn more. A collaborative enterprise that brings the links and context together in a central calendar of global/local events. This enterprise is sustained by student volunteers and work-study students who love to participate and contribute their time and passion.  UEF volunteers and  students "pass the baton" from semester to semester.


EnviroNotice is a collaborative student initiative. They do all the work to collect the data and publish it. These efforts build a timely calendar of events, actions and issues, on ecology, environment health and human rights. Student teams contribute local and regional and community data and cover student and grass roots organizations.


EnviroNotice will deliver people a comprehensive on-line calendar that does not currently exist anywhere.


EnviroNotice is the place where anyone can find up to date info on global and local groups, events, issues and actions. Welcome to are easy to find context. Stay informed or participate in any of the group's projects and events globally or locally. No need to  spend hours searching on the Internet or signing your life away to a particular group. EnviroNotice lets you take action where and when you find something of interest.  YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter are not enough to cover the gamut of issues and emergencies. Get personal notices when news emerges in your interest areas you select.


Environmental Action Notices: Emergency notices that cover oil spills, environmental alerts and ecological emergency notification to volunteers to take action.


EnviroNotice allows people to access a central calendar and location with current list of events, actions and initiatives from all the active local and global organizations. The calendar includes all active local, grass roots, state, national & international organizations working on environmental, ecology, energy and grass roots entities.


Student-Sourced: Students do all the work. They gather and input the data from all the organizations. The organizations do not have to do anything to have their issues and events in this index.


Peer-Curated: Checked and curated by the groups themselves to assure timely and accurate data.


Globally-Distributed via the Internet, so that it is accessible and reaches out and covers the globe. EnviroNotice is translated by Google Translate in to 30+ languages.

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