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Editorial: Respect for Life

Biodiversity and Human Rights

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IT seems to me that we have lost our respect for life. Endangered species is a nice way to say, we are killing life on earth. Climate change is climate destruction with a sugar coating. Fake news is, and has always been called in the past, propaganda.


With the ability to smitherine this planet into rocks, like the Kuniper belt in our solar system, people with the ability to stand up to the wrong doings by government and humans who have come into power are typically on tread mills that don't allow them to stop to smell the roses... or stand up against the support of weapons and arms that kill millions of humans that use taxpayer funding.


The tax payers are too busy in many cases, just making ends meet and keeping the lights and utilities on. Or in other instances are so steeped in propaganda that the reality of the situation is blurred. In many cases the general norms of ethics and good will toward fellow man, are flipped upside down. Instead of building so that all peoples can live their lives free, without persecution and oppression, a minority of greedy, confused people with power, have forsaken protection of life, for protection of their wealth and power at any cost.


War is the worst pollution that "civilized man" has amongst them" RT.

THere is enough here for everybody, provided the right attitude and distribution.


It appals me that the government is killing people for profit. That the United States seems not to be holding the constution ih high regard, to the degeee when someone in the government removed the statue of liberty's saying from the law. It is not them against us, it is us against us. This world is a small oasis in space. The is our gift.



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