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This is the individual that is head and shoulders above the other people who understand the mechanism of the Family Court.


Kent Wilcox is the drafter of "Factor J' of the 12 Child Custody Factors:



*Factor J: The Willingness and Ability of each of the Parties to Facilitate and Encourage a Close and Continuing Parent-child Relationship between the Child and the Other Parent?*


He is the only known person who was not a senator or on the legislative committee member to accomplish this in Michigan and possibly in the nation.  He quietly lobbied that amendment through both houses and passed into law.  His success, in this regard, was aided by the father’s movement being willing to restrain their members from outwardly lobbying, except at Wilcox’s suggestion.


Kent is probably the only person identified as a father’s rights advocate who was ever invited to be the featured speaker at the Michigan Friend of the Court Association’s Annual meeting.  He was also appointed by the Michigan Supreme Court to serve on the important Supreme Court Administrator’s Advisory Committee on matters pertaining to family law.”   In the same capacity, he has been a featured guest on the NBC Today Show, The CBS Morning Show, and the Phil Donahue Show.


He is not available for consultation any cases - but leaves you this gift. Follow his guidance - use the questionnaire and attorney notice.

A Father's Life Saver Video Training Series by UEF.


This Life Saver Video Training Series is a rare, unique and priceless opportunity to learn how to deal with Family Court and Child Custody disputes.



(1 of 4) *Life Saver 1 = Orientation and Vital Concepts - Attorney Questionnaire. Total run time: 33 minutes


  • First Watch this to learn how and why this can help you and your child or children. This is the real deal. Stay strong and fight for your children's right to have two parents.


(2 of 4) *Life Saver 2 = INTRODUCTION (This one second). Total run time: 11 min


  • How to Manage your Attorney and  Attorney Questionnaire


(3 of 4) *Life Saver 3 = GET A TRIAL!

Total run time: 9 min


  • The 12 CUSTODY Factors, Attorney Talk, and Get a Trial.


(4 or 4) *Life Saver 4 = HOW TO LOOSE!

Total run time:7 min


  • Attorney How To's:
    • How to handle False Allegations,
    • How to handle the Friend of the Court


Note: The core issue is denying equal treatment to both parents and focus on the parent who earns wages. That the primary working parent are men is not the core issue but rather due to which parent earns money. It is not about father's rights: it is about Human Rights and the right of a children to have two parents. It is not about sex. It is about generating revenue for welfare systems by indenturing the wage earner. In the Law, it is a fact that a families children are legally handled as "chattel" from old maritime laws. Chattel is property which the parents had the privilege to control and benefit from.


Topics: Key Words.

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Statutes and rules change over time, and therefore all the comments that relate to statutes or administrative rules may no longer be up to date. However the principles are still valid. -- Editor UEF

Attorney Questionnaire (click here)



A Father's Life Saver and Attorney Questionnaire is brought to you by United Earth Fund and United Earth News as a public service.



  1. How many Divorce cases have you handled as lead attorney where child custody was a matter in dispute?
  2. How many Divorce cases with a child custody dispute have you handled where the case went all the way through a trial and resulted in a judge entering a decision as opposed to  the result being a stipulated agreement of the parties?
  3. [NOTE: We would suggest asking how many cases where they have won for a father wherein the Judge rendered a decision in favor of the father [i.e. awarding some true joint physical custody,] but the odds are they have never even handled a child custody trial at all]
  4. How many divorce cases  with a child custody dispute component have you handled wherein you presented evidence at trial about your client as relates to the various factors included for determining the best interests of a child?
  5. How many divorce cases have you handled where during the pendency of the case, you received a specific trial date?
  6. Have you ever requested a trial date in a child custody case?
  7. How many divorce cases with a child custody dispute component have you handled where you examined your own mental health witness during a trial.  [Note: Not preliminary hearing]
  8. How many times in such cases have you taken an interlocutory appeal?
  9. How many times in such cases have you prepared a case for your client in such a way as to perfect, as best as reasonably possible, a record for appeal that allows for making a good case that the judge’s decision was arbitrary and/or capricious in that the decision could not be justified based on any objective standard but rather relied only on vague and unmeasurable standards that have no real place in a child custody determination?
  10. How many times in such cases have you taken an appeal of a judge’s decision that went against the interests of your client as re child custody?
  11. Do you challenge any preliminary order as re temporary custody to assure that the plaintiff is not able to have their cake and eat it too by getting the court to collude in establishing what the plaintiff will later assert amounts to an “established custodial environment?”
  12. [Note:  I don’t recommend that you actually give this to 99% of practicing attorneys because they will immediately back out.  Still, it will be helpful in preparing you for being in charge of your own case.]

Attorney Notice Statement



A Father's Life Saver and Attorney Questionnaire is brought to you by United Earth Fund and United Earth News as a public service.


#1. Give it to them at the first meeting. Keep a Copy.  Make sure you sign and date it.


Now it is a part of their file. Now the Attorney knows; "If I don’t do my job, I am likely to get sued for malpractice."


Example Attorney Notice:


Dated: (that day)


Attorney Name: (Ms./Mr. _________here)


I am hiring you to represent me in this divorce - or child custody action.


I am hiring you for the purpose of preparing me for an Appeal after I loose in the Trial Court.


Signed Sincerely Yours: - (Name - phone - contact data.)


This establishes the direction of your case with the Attorney for actions and conduct in your behalf.


#2 The next thing is. Ask the attorney for a list of the Factors.


Your job is to learn the Factors: bone up on them to prepare your attorney to present them to the court on the record.


  • It is YOU who will give advice to the attorney to what you know exists as evidence as it relates to each of those 12 best interest factors.
  • Custody is made “in the best interests of the child.”
  • Many Factors are equal except for one vital factor which you will win on.
  • Stick to the Factors and Prepare.


#3 Key factor to ask your Attorney at the right time:  What is the date for my Trial?

(Example of strategy to highlight your winning point for the best interest Factors.)


Building your case:


  • Submit to the court a Long Range Parenting Plan to keep both parents in the child’s life. Ask the Plaintiff to file the same type of plan with the court.


#4 Instruct your Attorney they are NEVER to meet with Judge with-out you present.

A Father's Life Saver Emergency Training Series is one of a kind, and made expressly for a parent who finds themselves faced with a child custody issue in Family Court. (Typically a Father but applies to either parent.) The field is not level. In reality, the family court is not about justice but about profiteering and laws that separate a parent from being with their child to love and mentor them. Justice is not practiced in court but law is. Your attorney will not work in your best interests. This series will educate you by perhaps the only expert in the country: Kent Wilcox. Not only has Kent written a part of the child custody factors that are used in determining how much time you will get with your child, but he was the first person to win join custody, standing up against the profiteering and laws that automatically strip a child of one parent. He helped others and offers these lessons for you.


Take a look at these video's and we wish you all the best fortune and courage at managing this emergency. The outcome will affect your child and your entire lives. You will not find better council on this anywhere. It is priceless, as are your children and your futures. As Al Lebow often said, "I love my Country but I fear my Government." Lebow helped thousands of children to have contact with their fathers. In his honor and spirit, we offer this vital information for you and your children.

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