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Student Reporters and Investigative Student Journalists Wanted for Key Assignments:


UEN is seeking student volunteers to PARTI with us! Participate by joining in to make a difference by researching and contributing to this topic and ongoing investigative reports.


Contact Editor by sending an email with your contact information to:


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UEF Needs Grant Writers! aka Project assistance opportunities:


UEF is seeking grant writers to help raise funds to sponsor student work-learn and work-study, as well as other related initiatives.


If you are experienced at writing grants please note in your contact. Writing grants requires focus and once the submission is complete, will help United Earth Fund to advance life supporting and live saving initiatives.


Production: Producers, Reporters, Bloggers and Journalists wanted.

A perfect opportunity for Multi-media and journalism students to develop and publish on United Earth News.

UEN's assignment list has some areas of interest that we want to develop to create stories and or  documentary content.


Local Community and school reporters wanted: reporting on topics and issues of interest to your school, community and region.

















Seeking student reporters and volunteers to submit your stories to UEN. Topics to report on are things you are passionate about likes music, or art, local community issues, animals, building apps or web sites.... what is your aim or target aka do you have something you want to spend your time on that excites you?



Assignments:  Investigative Research, News & Documentary Development


(Are you passionate about some aspect of life? What are you most excited about that you want to explore and tell a story about it? and Exploring Passions


United Earth News has ongoing program projects and seeking student and volunteer input. Input in the form of investigative research, video and/or audio content, reports, and more.

United Earth News Need You!

To join in and make a difference!

Student & Volunteer Opportunities.






Contact United Earth News. Tell us your interests and ask how we can help you and you help us.


Investigative Reporter Assignments based on your interests: do you have a story to tell about a topic you are passionate about?


Send us your idea to work with UEF to develop and share your story. Research assignments available to advance existing investigative projects.



Looking for Local, National and International Student Reporters!


Opportunities for Students & Volunteers to do research, submit stories, and help tell the story for the following content/story areas:


Tell us what is important in your school or community. From environment, to society, human rights, civil rights, political issues, social trends, local or regional things you care about.


The end of useless reports and projects:
Students: UEN is asking you to consider writing your next elective report or project about a topic that we can add to our research library and United Earth News Shows.


Want to join in? Here are some areas and stories we want to develop.


Endangers species:

Bees - what about them that isn't fascinating? Looking for interesting stories on Bees, bee keepers, and things that may interest you about nature's wonder called a Bee. Issues: Why are bees important to our food chain? what can be done to stop bee extinction - Locally and globally? What do you think or feel about the plight of the bees? And so forth along these lines of topic. Is there any bee activity in your school or community to tell us about?


Star Fish on the Pacific Coast and other Oceans:


Environment / Ecology:

Fukushima: what is the current news and issues? Looking for input from any Japanese students or volunteers who want to contribute a story, facts or research to United Earth News.


Human Rights:

Human Trafficking takes many forms. From family court, to deportation of people - all this constitutes Human Trafficking. What area would you like to cover? Alternatively: ask UEN for assignment suggestions for existing topics.



Topics from the United Earth News student chapter at the University of California Davis made this list. These are suggestions. What would you like to do a story or report on from your school or community?
















Hopi and Human Rights. The Black Mesa Strip Mine - a study in Energy Development, Land Exploitation and Aftermath.


UEF and UEN are asking for a Hopi member in the Four Corners area to help us tell the story of what happened after the strip mine closed and the journey that lasted nearly 60 years.

a) UEN is seeking one or more Hopi community members that may wish to help tell the story.

b) We are also looking for a volunteer(s) to do additional research to describe how much coal, water and radio active materials were mined over the life of the operation.

c) Lastly - UEF last worked with Hopi Spokesperson Thomas Banyacya - who was the spokesperson for the traditional Hopi community.

We would like to tell the story as to what has happened at this point in time.

  • Are there any "traditional" Hopi left or just what were termed "progressives"?
  • What is the state of the land currently, after Peabody Coal filed bankruptcy as owner of the Black Mesa Pipeline Company and Peabody Coal Company Keynta Strip mine.
  • It would be great to be able to describe the state of Hopi after all the turmoil and after John Boyden and 60 years of strip and uranium mining on what was originally the Hopi's land.











Rocky Flats (Colorado) Today: UEN is looking for current news and views on the Rocky Flats weapons plant which is outside of Denver. Looking for students who may help us get information and interviews to keep telling the Rocky Flats story of today.


  • a) interview residents or key knowledge sources about the current state of Rocky Flats and how the community around it may feel in 2016
  • b) new research on how burning plutonium out their chimney and allowing radio active waste to go into ground and water supplies. Interview local professors to get an update on current contamination levels, what happened to the gagged grand jury report, and other facts and input about Rocky Flats.


People with Passion who change the World:

Looking for submissions, suggestions regarding people who inspire you.


The assignment is to tell their stories: Mentors, professors, someone who touches your life.


Students: is there some one that made a huge impression upon you? That may have accomplished something that inspires you? Some one that struck out on their passion and achieved their dream? Would you like to share their story with others? Contact UEF and tell us about that person and how that person touched your life.


  • Did they follow their heart and explore their passion - their dream?
  • What was the result? How did it effect or change their area of focus?
  • Did it benefit others or inspire others? If so who are they and what do they "do"?
  • Was it a personal challenge where they did achieve their dream?


People with Passio5n who change the World tell stories about the lives of people, who follow their heart and as a result, often change the world in some way.


Examples are on our web site & listed below.

  • A Day with Rolling Thunder - Cherokee Medicine Man, Ecological Warrior, Man of Wisdom. (aka John Pope)


  • Mark Taylor 23 years in Orthotics Prosthetics at the University of Michigan: He has been helping people walk again by building artificial limbs and braces.


  • Mark Byrne: Bonneville Salt Flat Fever: How he followed his passion for racing to breaking the world speed record at Bonneville.


  • John Hartig - Founder of the only International Wildlife Refuge in North America


  • Twylah Nitsch - Seneca Wisdom Keeper . Preserving the wisdom of the Seneca Indians with philosophy and telling the Seneca Clan stories.


  • Dennis Thompson: Drummer for the MC5. Following his dream of playing in a band - the MC5 shaped rock and roll for decades with their music.


  • Ralph Nader: Detroit Talk - Timely. A unique view of civil and human rights from a talk at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit.


  • John Sinclair: the 6th MC5. From managing the MC5 to changing Michigan's marijuana laws and the white panters - John's story is a fascinating reveal.


  • Admiral Pete Galantin: World War II Submarine Commander - Polaris Missile Developer. Admiral Galantin talks about the military industrial complex and his part in the Military Industrial Complex.



In Production:

  • Doctor Ramesh B. Cherukuri - Pioneer for Beating Heart Surgeon


  • Dennis Banks: Founder of the American Indian Movement (AIM) UC Davis talk.


  • Rocky Mountain Alchemist: Frater Albertus - Founder of Paracelsus College, he worked with people from around the world to understand and advance alchemy. From a lecture at UC Davis. (aka Albert Richard Riedel)


  • Admiral Pete Galantin: World War II Submarine Commander - Polaris Missile Developer. 2nd Interview.


  • Russ Adams, Biologist. Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery: a life time breeding fish.


  • Admiral James Hull: U.S. Coast Guard. Selfridge Air Force Base. A boy in Ohio who became the chief Admiral for the U.S. Coast Guard.

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