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The 8 Laws in 3 - The 8 Laws of Change: In Brief.


Stephan A. Schwartz' groundbreaking work that studies the key factors in advancing social change that fosters wellbeing. A proven approach for creating nonviolent social change.

The 8 Laws of Change: In-Depth


 The 8 Laws looks at the key factors that emerged from analyzing over 200 social transformations and their outcomes over more than a century.

The 6th Extinction: Cars, Bugs and Windshields


Have you noticed that you haven't had to clean bugs off your windshield lately? The IPBES report on global extinction of species and impact on biodiversity. Emeritus Professor Orin Gelderloos, University of Michigan-Dearborn

North America Loses 3 Billion Birds

Four student produced shows:

"Dispelling Four Common Bird Myths."


Student Producer: Elizabeth Meier-Austic - Documentarian

Waterfront Porch: Detroit's Industrial Waterfront as a Gathering Place for All


Rebuilding the Detroit River's waterfront is a great team success story. From the fur trade, fisheries and industrial pollution to cleanup and creation of North America's only international wildlife refuge, John Hartig, Ph.D gives the history of communities, countries and citizens working together to revitalize the Detroit River and it's ecosystems.

Re-stitching Nature for the Birds and Bees


Birds and Bees are in trouble and in decline. Besides losing our song birds, the mighty pollinators that keep food on our table are in peril. Learn about native bees, trees and how to help rescue and support a crucial thread for our food chain.

Great Lakes Invasive Species: The Sea Lamprey


Sea Lampreys are commonly called "Lamprey Eels," but they are a fish.  Lamprey are really a primitive Atlantic fish that can live in salt or fresh water. Lamprey were once confined to the Oceans. The Lamprey invasion upended the biodiversity of the Great Lakes. Irrevocable damage done to the fisheries, native biodiversity, and fragile web of life in the Great Lakes Basin, can never be repaired.

Michigan Chautauqua presents the tale of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald


Refreshingly told by two sailors who love the Great Lakes. This public performance was recorded in a large tent, set up next to the boat dock, on July 29, 1989 in Ludington, Michigan. United Earth Fund captured the performance as a memorable and fun way to learn about Michigan heritage.

Tour Coal Fired Lambton Power Plant - 1 Coal Ship per Day


The Lambton Power Generation Station was a coal-fueled power plant located on the St. Clair River near Corunna, Ontario, across from Port Huron, Michigan. The US's St. Clair Power Station is right across the river on the US side. Lambton shut down in 2013 and today is a ghost land of mammoth machines and furnaces.

EnviroNotice - A Comprehensive Calendar and Listing of Ecology, Human Rights and Biodiversity Players


UEF's Student-led research and on-line publication that gives you a one stop central calender to find out who is doing what, when and where. Grass roots to global actors are listed by species, issues, geographic locations, actions and events with out having to scour the Internet to stay informed.

University of Michigan / UEF Student Pilot:

United Earth News


UEF and University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources, students and professors volunteered to research and produce this template for future student news shows. The lead story is on global warming with NASA data and Sandhill Cranes. Features cover watershed cleanups, environmental heroes and more.

The Arts and Entertainment: Historic Detroit Jazz and Rock Recordings and Interviews

Dizzy Gillespie and David Usher: Historic Detroit Jazz


David Usher is a true jazz impresario and music pioneer. His Dee Gee Records recorded some of the greats of jazz at United Sound Studios in Detroit around 1951 through 1953. David Usher was a pioneer in Jazz recording. He and Dizzy started Dee Gee Records which featured and premiered some of the greatest jazz artists of all time. Artists on Dee Gee include John Coltrane, Kenny Clark, Kenny Burrell, Annie Ross and many more.

MC5 Secrets with MC5 Drummer, Machinegun Thompson On Kicking Out the Jams!


Profanity Warning! MC5 Drummer Dennis Machinegun Thompson dishes out the secrets that only he can tell. The rise and fall of the MC5 took a toll on the band members. The Kick Out the Jams back-story involves intimate betrayals of promises made to the band and other details that only Dennis can tell.

James Gang LIVE at Detroit's Grande Ballroom 1968 Concert: "I'm A Man"

James Gang LIVE at Detroit's Grande Ballroom. UEF's Rock Soup presents historic recording that chronicle world class performances by some of the greats. Recorded with the bands permission, not a bootleg, by a young audio engineer with a passion for music recording. I'm a Man shows off Jim Fox and Joe Walsh's musical synergy just one week before their "Y'er Album" was made in New York.

Native American Wisdom: A Moment with Rolling Thunder - Cherokee Medicine Man

Rolling Thunder - Cherokee Medicine Man, Humanitarian, Natural Healer

"There's no shortage of anything except human understanding." - Rolling Thunder. RT changed many lives with his wisdom, compassion and healing abilities. In conjunction with University of California, Davis and Dave Risling, student-led UEF produced this  for satellite up-link to the World Symposium on Humanities international conference.

Health Watch: First Aid Ice Rescue Tips from the  US Coast Guard

Life Saving Tips from the US Coast Guard on Self Rescue Techniques for Falling Through the Ice


Life saving ice rescue tips for winter ice walkers and ice fishermen -- The Coast Guard demonstrates how to self rescue if you fall into the ice and how to pull yourself out of the water. Self Rescue tips include ice awls plus the best moves to get onto solid ice.

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