United Earth News objective is to foster public awareness, education and participation to support LIFE!

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United Earth News' Student Pilot - 1) Lead story "Sandhill Cranes" and  2) Full Newscast

UEF's United Earth News Mission:

To Support LIFE and Save LIFE

Through Education & Participation MAPS

The United Earth Fund activities support life as the highest value on Earth.


United Earth Fund is a non-profit, tax exempt, 501 (c) 3 educational corporation that links together individuals, groups and communities that are learning about Environmental and Global Health issues and are taking action to bring about local, regional, national and worldwide change.

Example: Pilot - 1) News cast with lead story, 2) the Black Lagoon, and 3) the full news UMich student pilot news cast.

  • United Earth Fund and United Earth News Mission and Objectives.

    What is important to UEF and United Earth News (UEN)?


    We believe you can change the world and we want to help you to unleash your passion to make a difference - we aim to initiate education and opportunities to achieve this aim.


    Founded in 1977, there was no Internet. Satellite costs were over 6 million dollars a year just to link up universities in the U.S.A.. With no digital technology it was impossible to connect people with passion to change the world. That barrier gone. We have a one time opportunity to support life, liberty, human and civil rights for all of us on earth and stop the destruction of Nature.


    Together we can do this. It is for our children and their children. This is the first step forward in an ambitions project to create student journalists around the world, and establish wildlife refuges, and rescue networks for our most precious element on earth: LIFE.

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    Join us, and let us help you to foster your passions. Whether it is to report on your local community, or save an endangered species - or perhaps to stop human trafficking in the United States by welfare agencies - or to help feed the hungry; There is lots to do and you are welcome and needed to join in.


    • UEN is not like the homogenized news.  Stories like following Kim Kardashian, or the stock market distract us from the bigger long range issues. -


    • UEN is about the birds and the bees and advancing public awareness on vital issues. That bees are on the extinction list means we are in big trouble globally.


    Our news slant and tone supports life as the highest value on Earth.

    • What are the issues that will help our children to have a bright healthy future?

    • That is the primary focus for most of the student reporters and investigative journalists and stories.

    • Under-covered Local and community news is part of student assignments.


    What is important in this light are the Bee extinctions, changing climate that could devastate our human food chain, thereby making life impossible for our children in the near future. The current fact that earth is in a sixth extinction of species shows that life is in trouble on our globe where large portions of plants, animals and fish in the oceans are in danger of going away forever.


    UEN explores what each issue will do to support life and mother nature. Animal species and crops are locked into what used to be a "normal" cycle of the seasons which according to recent reports will not be the same from here forward.

    • One example is Muskellunge fish eggs hatch when the water reaches a specific temperature and within a few hours. All based on stable environment patterns.

    • As our climate changes, species can not cope with the rapid changes.

    • Our local Song birds, polar bears and penguins are just a few species in danger.


    The one thing that makes our planet unique is LIFE. By not protecting biological-diversity, we endanger our food chain. By not protecting our human and civil rights for all humans, we endanger our own liberty freedoms that we hold so high and prize. Liberty, justice and freedom for all is at stake of those who have it. Pulitzer Prize investigative report, Melvin Claxton, says we are heading for dark ages again.


    United Earth Fund and United Earth News objective is to foster public awareness, education and participation to support LIFE! EnviroNotice, for example, is building a central calendar for ecology, environment and human rights that make it easy to find what your interest and know who is doing what where - so you can join in, make new friends and make a difference.



    Your feeling of being Disenfranchised, hopeless or powerless can change if we work together. UEF and UEN aim to build bridges to make that happen by involving and supporting student projects, initiatives and investigative journalism. These initiatives will bring non-homogenized news, public awareness and participation alternatives to support life, liberty and freedom for all. The best part is you can have fun doing it and work on the things you are passionate about.


    So we hope you will join in with us in your area of interest and help us make a difference supporting life, human rights and to protect endangered species. If the animals can't make it, we are the next endangered species. It appears we already qualify for that designation.


    Whistle blowing on crimes, accountability and advancing human and civil rights is necessary and we hope you will join us to make new friends and make a difference with UEF.


    Editor UEF.


UEF is a founding partner of the Detroit International Wildlife Refuge the only International Refuge in North America. UEF won International Awards for providing their News Coverage and Website content.

Our Values:

Our Values -

How We Behave

Respect for All LIFE









Mutual Support

Respect for All Faiths

Act Locally - Think Globally

We Believe:

We Believe that one person can change the World


That LIFE is the highest value on Earth.

Our “Marathon” initiative is our passion to protect LIFE on Earth, which we intend to pursue and win.

Student passion is changing the world for the betterment of all life and peoples.

        Collaborative nonprofit university news & research chapters will find, focus and support student passion, to make our world a safer, healthier, happier place.

Local, regional and global life supporting collaborative student investigative journalism and mutual aid initiatives will create an unprecedented effort protecting biodiversity, and advancing human rights.

Global Health News, nonprofit university news and participation network, will revolutionize news reporting and  sustain this vital initiative for generations to come.

UEF chapters will create and sustain local community dialog, and urgent global wildlife refuge initiative projects that respect life, human rights and advance civil liberties as never before possible.

Let’s pass the baton to future generations so our children might know real live lions and tigers and bears too.

Mission    What We Do

Our Mission

We create sustainable Wildlife Refuge projects like the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge: North American’s first and only and UEF’s working model to initiate more.

UEF Student Chapter activities identify, research, and open dialog to establish grass root PARTI projects that support LIFE on Global Health Issues – locally & globally.

UEF initiates collaborative student led community PARTI projects focusing student passion on research, investigative journalism and Global Health News Production that  sustain LIFE supporting initiatives locally, regionally & globally.

We lead in initiating collaborative university projects that help to advance Human Rights, locally, nationally and globally.

We actively support life as the highest value on Earth and in our reports and multilingual Global Health News.

UEF offers an environment where people flourish, find new friends, discover their passions, and have fun making a difference.

  • About United Earth Fund & United Earth News


    United Earth News

    Supporting student journalism since 1978.


    United Earth Fund (UEF) students and volunteers began writing, researching and producing "United Earth News" (UEN) at the University of California in 1977/1978.


    United Earth News' UC Davis "Radio Environmental Calendar" did cover stories that had little of no exposure in the mass media of that time. UEN‘s stories focus on Human Rights, Ecology,  and Environmental topics. Student research goes toward creating public awareness and offering action initiatives to deal with the topical issues.


    University of California, Davis did support these passionate students by providing accredited classes, and work-steady / work-learn opportunities with UEF. The student participants gained experience and contributed their research and related class-work towards producing the public awareness initiatives and news stories. University accredited classes were made available that were tailored to our journalism and production objectives. Students joined in and made a difference.


     (Read More - click here)

    As UEF/UEN began research on energy and environment, we went to Coal Fired Power Plants, Nuclear Energy Facilities, Hydro-Power Dams, Geo-thermal Fields that produce power for the nation to investigate the issues and realities of power production.


    After UEF became aware of the ability to turn from pollution to self-sustaining  U.C. Davis Professor Professor Doctor Harry O. Walker, and his work with Pacific Gas and Electric, gave UEN content and historic data to present the story to the public on the history of energy technologies.

    Further- at the suggestion of Navy Admiral Pete Galantin, UEF did create the “Goodwill Abroad through Students” and "Energy Independent America" public awareness campaign. We are updating and preparing to continue with these initiatives and those initiatives today.


    UEN produced the Radio Environmental Calendar for stations to include in their news shows. UEF did also produce documentaries like a "A Day with Rolling Thunder" in 1978 for satellite distribution for the “Symposium on Humanities” international satellite conference. Although UEF invited Rolling Thunder to go to Europe and speak at the symposium, RT said he was not allowed to travel to speak at the conference by the U.S. Government.


    • The three part documentary "A Day with Rolling Thunder" is available on the UEF website. Part one is on-line with two others to follow shortly.


    Human and Civil Rights Initiatives:


    In 1978, UEN began to work on human rights issues in our own country because RT told us to start in our own land rather than others. So UEF began an international Human Rights campaign for the Hopi and Native American Indians. That was and still is intertwined with energy resource exploitation and development issues of today. This can be seen in the North Dakota, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe protests against the $3.8 billion dollar Dakota Access Pipeline issues of today.


    • View the Hopi Story for more information on the UEF web site.

    • There is an interview on Hopi and Native American Sovereignty with UC Davis Professor Clyde Jacobs who is an expert in that field.

    • See a visual tour of the Black Mesa Kayenta Strip Mine and coal slurry operations.

    • Lastly hear a short interview with John S. Boyden who was instrumental in the Hopi land disputes who was attorney for the Hopi.



    UEF International Human Rights Campaign and Petition:

    Initiated at the First World Congress in Florence Italy.


    • UEF did receive thousands of petition signatures by mail from Europe, Japan and United State in support of the Human Rights Initiative.

    • UEF is in contact with Hopi today and notes the outcomes of the multi decade battle for their energy rich land, and recent bankruptcy of the energy developer: Kennecott Copper.


    • Kennecott Copper and subsidiaries of Peabody Coal, and Peabody Energy are all players in the 4-Corners strip mine energy development issues and related human rights crisis with Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah until changing hands in 1995. Kennecott Company is now owned by British metals and mining company Rio Tinto plc.


    Initial United Earth News Obstacles Now Removed:

    In 1977, with no Internet, UEF began plans to link universities across the United States to allow students to join in the news and education network.


    In order to put up the news and research enterprise, UEF was given a quote by RCA Satellite Company of $6 million dollars a year to provide Satellite up-link/down-link time to connect universities in all 50 United States. United Earth Fund, UEN's parent, could not raise the funds needed at that time, in order to connect the universities and schools. The lack of communication technology was the critical barrier. This obstacle is gone now with the Internet and digital media news production capabilities are in place to advance this initiative.


    United Earth Fund has a mission to support LIFE as the highest value on planet Earth.

    Our aim is achieve that through public education and strategic initiatives.


    UEF is creating a KickStarter crowd funding project to launch EnviroNotice. Environotice is Student-sources, peer-curated and globally distributed. It will provide real time alerts for oil spills, and other environmental/ecology emergencies. It also will offer a central calendar with global environmental and ecological issues, activities and events of all large and small players and actors.


    Our ultimate goal is to level the Life Supporting Ecology playing field by helping passionate people like you to connect to exciting projects where you can make a big difference by participating. We want you to take action and link to the topics, areas and actions that you are passionate about.


    • For example our Fracking Calendar and Endangered Species Calendar allow you to find who is doing what and where with context on each issue.

    • We support life. That is our angle and activity.


    The EnviroNotice Central Calendar will provide summary data on key topics:


    • How many Tigers are left and where are they? Who is doing what to preserve this species? What are the issues with the indigent native populations in the habitat area? What are the economic interests at play? How long might we have before the death knell sounds for a species?


    Our aim is to make it easy and fun to find out and connect to your interest.


    With education, team work and student power, our aim is to protect Mother Nature/Ecology, Environment and Human Rights locally and globally.


    Students around the world make this ambition and initiative possible. UEN and EnviroNotice make it possible to find your interests and connect to them by taking action or just keeping informed.


    So we invite you to join in, make new friends and make a difference!

UEF sponsored watershed cleanups in Connecticut - Storm Sewer Marker with UEF Logo (on lower left). UEF gave news support for Michigan watershed cleanups.

UEF Founder's Story


A Person with Passion:

 UEF Founder Allen Licari

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PDF UEF Founders Story


"Allen Licari is onto something that could help revolutionize journalism.

The idea of college and high school students from across America and around the world producing investigative reports for one Internet network is simply brilliant.

The educational, news-gathering and financial possibilities presented by such a network are limitless.

This is a project I would like to see come to fruition and support 100 percent."

 - Melvin Claxton, Pulitzer Prize-winning Investigative Reporter

1978 - 2016 United Earth Fund and Allen Licari.


United Earth Fund:

A Nonprofit 501(c)3 Educational Corporation Since 1978.

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