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Cherokee Inter-Tribal Medicine Man: Rolling Thunder - UEF Advisor & Human Rights Advocate

Rolling Thunder was the real deal. He performed healings that were not explicable in various places, including in front of Doctors from the University of California. Rolling Thunder has had songs written about him and a record album dedicated to him by the Grateful Dead. Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review is rumored to be related to RT.


Green Peace's article on Rolling Thunder called him "the Desert Warrior." This man was a true healer and had remarkable love, compassion and respect for life. He took food to the off reservation Traditional Native American's who refuse to this day, to do businesses with the "white man" who killed their families. He welcomed many people from around the world, who sought his council, and traveled to find him in Carlin, half way between Salt Lake City and Reno, Nevada.


Meta Tantay, which means go in peace, was RT's off-reservation camp that brought healing to many people who sought him. It revolved around Native American Indian ways. Respect for nature, and all life was the key note of the Meta Tantay community. RT taught us to always greet others as a brother and a friend because your own reflection always comes back to you. His mission was to compassionately to help people where ever they were in their life's journey. He helped many people.


UEF's "Native American Wisdom Series" shares the wisdom and spirit of Rolling Thunder with people of today. Also UEF is sharing the spirit of Twylah Nitsch, RT's close friend and Seneca Wisdom Keeper. Twylah's documentary is on the UEF web site for you to enjoy.


Perhaps there are no more natives like RT that are alive today. The traditional Indians like RT, are in old age now, and most have passed on by the year 2016. RT said when his mom met his dad, that he dad was on horse back, with a bandoleer of ammunition around him, a hat but no pants.  RT also talked about knowledge and respect for nature and life, in a simple but profound way, that only a deep understanding could create.


In part two of the "A Day with Rolling Thunder" Documentary, we go inside his home with his family and wife Spotted Faun. You will hear him talk about one of his favorite quotes which reads "All Honorable Men Belong to the Same Tribe". He also delivers a message to the world that he wants you to hear.


So UEF invites you to listen to "A Day with Rolling Thunder" and hear the message RT has for you. It is about peace, healing and respect for life.

Rolling Thunder Peace Initiative: Coming soon to help establish a student focus for spreading peace and goodwill internationally.


Admiral Pete Galantin urged UEF to initiate a "good will abroad through students" initiative.


These two ideas combine to offer students a path towards fostering Peace and Goodwill to change the world.

#1 - A Moment with Rolling Thunder  No Shortage of Anything But Human Understanding

#2 - A Moment with Rolling Thunder  War Dance, Failure, Victory & Peace

#3 - A Moment with Rolling Thunder  RT's Global Peace Message

#8 - A Moment with Rolling Thunder  Every Thought and Word is a Prayer

#23 - A Moment with Rolling Thunder  Respect for Nature

Rolling Thunder wrote this material himself. Copies of it on-line have sections and content omitted which are in this posting. Content like the number of broken treaties by the U.S. Government to the Native Americans.


  1. TeePee Code - PDF
  2. Church of the Great Spirit - PDF
  3. Ceremony to Grandmother Moon - PDF

Rolling Thunder's Article in PlowBoy, Mother Earth News.


Link to story Here. PDF

Rolling Thunder's Last Days

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  • Chapter 2 and 3: