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Covering ecological, environmental, human rights and life supporting news and information.


2016-2017 Student News Initiatives are underway for more students to Join In and Make a Difference.

United Earth Fund's "United Earth News" initiative is raising funds to finance hundreds of students to conduct investigative reporting in their region and communities. News shows will create local and regional news programs covering under covered topics, life supporting stories and student investigative news.

UEN Student Pilot - Lead story and Full Newscast

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    Supporting student journalism since 1978.    (click here)

    United Earth News

    Supporting student journalism since 1978.


    United Earth Fund (UEF) student's and volunteers began writing, researching and producing "United Earth News" (UEN) at the University of California in 1978. Our "Radio Environmental Calendar" did Cover stories that had little of no exposure in the mass media of that time. UEN stories focus on Human Rights, Ecology, Environmental toward creating public awareness and action initiatives.


    Passionate students gained experience and accredited classes were made available tailored to our journalism and production objectives. Students joined in to make a difference.


    Obstacles: With no Internet, RCA Satellite wanted $6 Million a year for satellite time to connect universities in all 50 US states. United Earth Fund, UEN's parent, could not raise the funds to connect the universities and schools. The lack of communication technology was the barrier: but no more.


    UEN produced the Radio Environmental Calendar for stations to include in their news shows. UEF did produce documentaries and a "A Day with Rolling Thunder" in 1978 for international satellite distribution for the Symposium on Humanities international satellite conference. Although we invited Rolling Thunder, he said we was not allowed to travel to speak at the conference (government). We are working on these issues in our stories and features yet today. The Documentary "A Day with Rolling Thunder" is available on this site.


    UEN began to work on human rights issues in our own country. RT told us to start in our own land so we began an international Human Rights campaign for the Hopi and Native American Indians. UEF did receive thousands of petition signatures by mail from Europe, Japan and United State in support of the Human Rights Initiative. UEF is in contact with Hopi today and the Hopi Story is available on this site. Peabody Copper, Peabody Coal, and Peabody Energy are all players in the 4-Corners strip mine and human rights crisis.


    UEF/UEN began research on energy and environment. We went to Coal Fired Power Plants, Nuclear Energy Facilities, Hydro-Power Dams, Geo-thermal fields that produce power for the nation.


    Becoming aware of the ability to turn from pollution to self-sustaining technologies UEF did create the "Energy Independent America" public awareness campaign. UC Davis Professor Harry O. Walker fed us content and historic data to present the story to the public. We are still on this mission today.


    United Earth Fund and New Mission is to support LIFE as the highest value on planet Earth. Through public education and our EnviroNotice Calender, we intend to level the playing field by helping passionate people like you, connect and link to the areas they are passionate about. For example our Fracking Calendar and Endangered Species Calendar allow you to find who is doing what and where with context on each issue. We support life. That is our angle and activity.


    How many Tigers are left and where are they? Who is doing what to preserve this species? What are the issues with the indigent native populations in the habitat area? What are the economic interests at play? How long might we have before the death knell sounds for a species? Our aim is to make it easy and fun to find out and connect to your interest.


    With education, team work and student power, our aim is to protect Mother Nature/Ecology, Environment and Human Rights locally and globally.


    Students around the world make this ambition and initiative possible. UEN and EnviroNotice make it possible to find what your interests and connect to take action or just keep informed.


    So we invite you to join in, make new friends and make a difference!

Student Documentary -

Produced for World Symposium on Humanities Satellite Conference

UEF's United Earth News Chapter at the University of California, Davis


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Past UEN Student Chapter Documents U.C. Davis

UEF United Earth News Chapter at the University of California, Davis 1977 - 1982

Founding chapter producing documentaries and radio environmental news.

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