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For parent's, particularly Father's, caught in a child custody dispute and Family Court. This series is vital to understand what you will be facing and how to handle your case and attorney. Info to protect your children and your Human Rights. Kent Wilcox is the drafter of Child Custody Factor J. Invaluable information you wont find else where.

Book: Friend of the Court  Enemy of the Family - Valuable insights into the Family Court operations. Author Carol Rhodes.

Human and Civil Rights denied for Welfare payments to state, county and courts. Interviews with parents denied children, denied due process in order to profit states, counties and agencies.

Lansing Equal Parenting Rally with Video  Interviews: Alan Lebow - Forward by Kent Wilcox

A Day with Cherokee Medicine Man Rolling Thunder. Humanitarian, healer and he has a valuable message for you. Part one of three.

Video Brief with Evidence by Beverly Tran

Grandma Twylah Nitsch. Seneca Wolf Clan Historian. A woman with great compassion. Hear the wolf clan stories and about Seneca society.

Native Americans and Hopi Indians: John S. Boyden and the Black Mesa Strip mine. Take a photo tour of the strip mine. See the international petitions from many countries supporting Hopi human rights.

Rocky Flats outside of Denver: Nuclear bomb warhead triggers made here left a legacy of radioactive waste. Only a small part of the story: but whats next?

The Greatest Under-covered Environmental Ecology Story in U.S History! Detroit River's International Wildlife Refuge. Dr. John Hartig.

A real alchemist with a laboratory. He spoke about Alchemy for UEF's Lecture Series at the University of California, Davis. Take a listen.

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