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United Earth Fund and UEF News' objective is to foster public awareness and participation to support LIFE!

United Earth Fund is a non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) educational corporation. UEF is raising funds for work-study & work-learn initiatives for students and volunteers to join in our cause, find new friends and make a difference supporting Life.


Choose from such Initiatives as EnviroNotice (our global/local calendar of news & notices on environmental health), Interactive student investigative reporting with United Earth News,  creating new wildlife refuges - like the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. UEF was a founding partner of the first international refuge in North America which is our model for students & volunteers to create new refuges around the nation and the world.

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We need your help and passion to support life and human rights. Our mission is to help students and passionate people to join in, find new friends and make a difference.


UEF initiates grass roots and student projects that investigate, report on and take action to support liberty and public awareness.

UEF is one of the founding partners that helped to create the one and only international wildlife refuge in North America. We have supported community and individual efforts that made the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge a reality.

UEF aims to repeat our success again and again to empower more students and more people to make a difference.

Student Teams PARTIcipation Regions.

 Based on the 9 Nations Ecology-Economy-Bio-Region model.

UEF Initiatives are launching and we need your help - participate actively, find new friends, and help us make a significant difference.


EnviroNotice is a central calender of events, emerging incidents and actions by all the groups and actors.

It it maintained by students, curated by the groups themselves and globally distributed. Oil spill alerts, plus endangered species and other real time issues in one place.


United Earth News: Student Journalism - reporting on their passions and schools interests. Investigative research and assignments available for students to join in and make a difference.


UEF University News & Research Student Chapters: Students taking action on their passions and supporting EnviroNotice and more.


Student Video Series "One From the Heart": Real stories about people with dedication who change the world. Ongoing Student productions featuring Individuals "making a difference".


Student Wildlife Refuge and Rescue Initiatives: (national & regional university coordinated rescue teams)

Aiming to create a Student Emergency Wildlife Rescue Network connecting Universities by region to safe life.

Public Awareness & Educational Campaigns for Health, Human Rights and Supporting LIFE

The Central Calender of Events, Issues and Actions.

Student-sourced, Globally-distributed, Peer-curated

EnviroNotice is launching a kick-starter crowd funding campaign to build a central calendar for ecology, environment and human rights that make it easy to find your interests and know who is doing what and where - so you can join in, find new friends and make a difference.

Student and volunteer participants are anxious to join in to make a difference!

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Native American - Cherokee Medicine Man

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder was the real deal. He performed healings that were not explicable in various places, including in the presence of Doctors from the University of California. Rolling Thunder has had songs and an album written "about" him by the Grateful Dead. Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review is rumored to be related to him.


Watch UEF's documentary Directed by Rolling Thunder. RT Has a message for you.

The Family Court in the United States has a code of secrecy and budgets that are not disclosed to the public. Contrary to their public stated mission, they take children from their parents and profit by removing them. They do nothing to keep families intact. They turn a civil matter into a criminal matter and put a parent in jail, remove their drivers license, and charge them with a felony for not being able to meet the family court's indentured-servitude-imposed fines and imputed child support. They conceal their activities right in full view of the public and hide their abuses under court actions labeled "Contempt of Court". This prevent the public from tracking their abuse of civil and human rights of the children and one of two pair-ents.


UEN's investigative reporting goes to the heart of the matter. We have documents which show their incentives and lay bare how the welfare repayment structure has created the dead-beat dad enterprise.


Its real Mission is to enrich and support the operation: an industrial scale business that routinely denies parents their civil and human rights to raise their children. In return the county, state and enforcement operations grow and profit.  Lawyers profit and  fear defending your human rights because they do not want to anger or alienate judges sympathetic to their profiteering.


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